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Code of Conduct

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Code of Conduct

1. Introduction
1.1 Purpose

The purpose of Escorpión 10 SA de CV’s Code of Conduct is to articulate the company’s commitment to fostering a workplace culture rooted in ethical behavior and to provide clear guidance on expected standards of conduct. This document serves as a compass for employees and stakeholders, steering them towards principled actions that align with the company’s core values. By establishing a foundation of ethical behavior, the Code aims to contribute to the creation of a positive work environment and the sustained success of Escorpión 10 SA de CV.

This Code of Conduct underscores the significance of ethical conduct in shaping business practices. It not only outlines the company’s expectations for employee behavior but also emphasizes the critical role of ethical decision-making in maintaining the company’s reputation, fostering trust among stakeholders, and contributing to the overall success of Escorpión 10 SA de CV.

1.2 Scope

The Code of Conduct applies to all employees and stakeholders associated with Escorpión 10 SA de CV. It is a comprehensive guide that covers various aspects of ethical practices, legal compliance, and professional behavior within the organization. The scope extends to all operations and interactions, both internal and external, involving Escorpión 10 SA de CV and its representatives.

Areas covered by this Code include, but are not limited to, ethical business practices, human rights and diversity, environmental responsibility, and professional conduct. The Code serves as a reference point for individuals interacting with the company, ensuring that the principles outlined herein guide their actions and decisions.

1.3 Guiding Principles

The Code of Conduct is anchored in a set of core principles that define the ethical framework of Escorpión 10 SA de CV. These principles are the foundation upon which the company’s values are built, fostering a culture of integrity, transparency, accountability, and respect. By adhering to these guiding principles, employees and stakeholders contribute to the ethical fabric of the organization and actively participate in promoting a workplace that values honesty, fairness, and responsible business practices.

The key guiding principles include:

  • Integrity: Upholding honesty and truthfulness in all interactions and transactions.
  • Transparency: Ensuring openness and clarity in communication and business operations.
  • Accountability: Taking responsibility for one’s actions and decisions.
  • Respect: Valuing the dignity and worth of every individual, fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace.

These principles collectively form the moral compass that directs behavior, decisions, and relationships within Escorpión 10 SA de CV, fostering a culture of ethical excellence.

2. Ethical Business Practices
2.1 Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Escorpión 10 SA de CV is unwavering in its commitment to compliance with all applicable local and international laws and regulations. Employees must familiarize themselves with the legal landscape relevant to the company’s operations and conduct business activities with strict adherence to these legal requirements. This includes but is not limited to regulations governing mining, export, environmental practices, and labor laws.

Guidelines and examples will be provided to assist employees in understanding and implementing legal compliance effectively. Regular training sessions and updates will be conducted to ensure that all team members are well-informed about any changes in the legal framework that may impact Escorpión 10 SA de CV’s operations.

2.2 Conflict of Interest

Escorpión 10 SA de CV recognizes the importance of maintaining objectivity and impartiality in all business dealings. A conflict of interest arises when an individual’s personal interests interfere or appear to interfere with the interests of the company. Employees are expected to promptly disclose any potential conflicts and work collaboratively to resolve them transparently.

Practical scenarios illustrating potential conflicts of interest will be provided to assist employees in identifying and addressing such situations. The company encourages open communication and transparency to maintain trust and uphold the integrity of all business transactions.

2.3 Anti-Bribery and Corruption

At Escorpión 10 SA de CV, we unequivocally reject bribery and corruption in all their forms. Employees are prohibited from offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting any form of bribe, kickback, or improper payment. The company has established robust procedures for reporting any suspected incidents of bribery or corruption, ensuring that such reports are treated confidentially and investigated thoroughly.

Employees will receive comprehensive training on anti-bribery and corruption policies, including real-world examples to enhance their understanding. Escorpión 10 SA de CV is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity in all business interactions.

2.4 Fair Competition

Fair competition is a fundamental principle at Escorpión 10 SA de CV. Employees are expected to compete vigorously and ethically in the marketplace, avoiding any anticompetitive behaviors. This includes refraining from engaging in collusive practices, price fixing, bid rigging, or any activities that undermine free and fair competition.

Educational programs will be implemented to help employees recognize and prevent anticompetitive behaviors. Compliance with antitrust laws and fair competition principles is essential to uphold the company’s reputation and ensure a level playing field.

2.5 Protection of Company Assets

The protection of Escorpión 10 SA de CV’s assets is a shared responsibility. Employees must exercise diligence in safeguarding company resources, including physical assets, intellectual property, and sensitive information. This encompasses adherence to data security protocols, proper utilization of company equipment, and the prevention of unauthorized access to confidential information.

Clear guidelines and protocols will be provided to employees to ensure the secure handling of company assets. Training programs will be conducted to reinforce the importance of protecting these assets and to create a culture of responsibility and accountability.

3. Human Rights and Diversity
3.1 Equal Opportunity

Escorpión 10 SA de CV is dedicated to fostering an inclusive workplace that upholds the principles of equal opportunity and diversity. The company is committed to providing a work environment free from discrimination, where all individuals have equal access to opportunities and are treated with respect and fairness.

Initiatives promoting diversity and inclusion will be actively pursued, ensuring that individuals from various backgrounds, including but not limited to race, gender, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation, feel valued and supported. Escorpión 10 SA de CV will implement recruitment and advancement practices that eliminate biases and promote equal representation at all levels of the organization.

3.2 Employee Relations

The company adheres to fair labor practices, recognizing the importance of fostering positive and respectful employee relations. Escorpión 10 SA de CV values the contributions of its workforce and is dedicated to upholding employee rights. This includes maintaining transparent and equitable policies related to working hours, wages, benefits, and other conditions of employment.

Clear guidelines will be provided to employees regarding their rights and responsibilities. Regular communication channels will be established to address concerns, promote dialogue, and ensure that the company remains responsive to the needs and well-being of its employees.

3.3 Health and Safety

Escorpión 10 SA de CV prioritizes the health and safety of its employees as a paramount concern. The company is committed to providing a safe and secure working environment, free from hazards that could cause harm or injury. Comprehensive health and safety guidelines will be established to mitigate risks and promote employee well-being.

Employees will receive training on safety protocols and emergency procedures, fostering a culture of vigilance and responsibility. Escorpión 10 SA de CV will regularly assess and update health and safety measures to align with industry standards and ensure continuous improvement in this critical area. The company encourages the active participation of employees in maintaining a safe workplace through reporting potential hazards and actively engaging in safety initiatives.

4. Environmental Responsibility
4.1 Sustainable Practices

Escorpión 10 SA de CV acknowledges its responsibility to contribute to a sustainable future through environmentally conscious operations. The company is committed to integrating sustainable practices into every facet of its business. This includes adopting technologies and processes that minimize the environmental footprint of mining and metals export operations.

Specific initiatives will be implemented to reduce energy consumption, promote waste reduction, and minimize the use of non-renewable resources. Escorpión 10 SA de CV will stay abreast of advancements in eco-friendly technologies, aiming to incorporate innovations that align with the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

4.2 Resource Conservation

The company recognizes the importance of responsible resource management in mitigating environmental impact. Escorpión 10 SA de CV will implement measures to optimize resource utilization, ensuring that natural resources, including minerals and metals, are extracted and processed efficiently.

Efforts will be directed towards minimizing waste generation and promoting recycling practices. By adopting a comprehensive resource conservation strategy, Escorpión 10 SA de CV aims to contribute to the global effort to preserve natural resources and maintain ecological balance. The company will actively seek opportunities to engage with stakeholders and industry partners to explore innovative solutions for sustainable resource management.

5. Professional Conduct
5.1 Professionalism

Escorpión 10 SA de CV upholds the highest standards of professionalism in all business interactions. Employees are expected to conduct themselves with integrity, honesty, and courtesy at all times. This includes maintaining a professional demeanor when dealing with colleagues, clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

Examples of professional behavior include punctuality, accountability, and a commitment to excellence in job performance. Escorpión 10 SA de CV encourages a positive and collaborative work environment where employees support one another in achieving common goals.

5.2 Communication

Transparent and respectful communication is fundamental to the success of Escorpión 10 SA de CV. Employees must adhere to clear and honest communication both internally and externally. Internally, open communication channels facilitate collaboration and knowledge-sharing among team members.

Externally, the company is committed to providing accurate and timely information to clients, regulatory bodies, and the public. Guidelines for effective communication, including confidentiality considerations and the responsible use of company resources, will be outlined to ensure consistent and ethical communication practices across the organization.

6. Reporting and Accountability
6.1 Reporting Violations

Escorpión 10 SA de CV is committed to maintaining a culture of ethics and integrity. Employees are encouraged to report any violations of the Code promptly and without fear of retaliation. The company will establish clear and confidential reporting procedures to ensure the anonymity and protection of whistleblowers.

Reporting mechanisms may include the Escorpión 10 SA de CV’s main email address, Escorpión 10 SA de CV’s website contact forms, online platforms, or direct communication with designated compliance officers. Employees will receive guidance on recognizing and reporting violations, fostering a collaborative effort to uphold the company’s ethical standards.

6.2 Consequences of Non-Compliance

Non-compliance with the Code of Conduct will result in appropriate disciplinary actions. Escorpión 10 SA de CV will outline a range of consequences commensurate with the severity and frequency of the violation. Disciplinary measures may include verbal or written warnings, suspension, termination, and, if applicable, legal action.

It is imperative for employees to understand that violating ethical standards can have serious consequences, not only for their individual careers but also for the reputation and success of the company. Legal ramifications may arise, and Escorpión 10 SA de CV is dedicated to upholding the rule of law and ensuring accountability for unethical behavior.

7. Conclusion
7.1 Leadership Commitment

Escorpión 10 SA de CV’s leadership is unwavering in its commitment to upholding the values outlined in this Code of Conduct. Ethical conduct is not just an expectation but a fundamental aspect of our corporate identity. The leadership team is dedicated to fostering a culture where integrity, transparency, accountability, and respect are not just words but integral elements of how we operate.

This commitment extends beyond compliance with laws and regulations; it encompasses a genuine belief that ethical business practices are the cornerstone of sustainable success. Leadership sets the tone for the organization, emphasizing the importance of ethical decision-making at all levels.

7.2 Employee Endorsement

We call upon every employee at Escorpión 10 SA de CV to actively endorse and embody the principles articulated in this Code of Conduct. Each member of our organization plays a crucial role in maintaining the highest ethical standards. Your commitment to ethical behavior is not just a professional obligation but a reflection of the shared values that define our corporate culture.

Collectively, we hold the responsibility to nurture an environment where everyone feels empowered to make ethical choices, report violations without fear, and contribute to a workplace characterized by trust and integrity. Your endorsement of this Code is an affirmation of your dedication to the success and reputation of Escorpión 10 SA de CV. Together, we build a company that thrives on ethical excellence.

Effective Date

This policy was updated on June 2023.

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