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Embark on a journey through our products section, where you’ll discover a diverse and unparalleled range of high-quality minerals and metals.

Magnetite (Iron Ore):
Premium Industrial Supplier of Iron Ore

· Name: Magnetite
· Color: Black or brownish-black
· Chemical Name: Ferrous-ferric oxide
· Chemical Formula:  Fe2+Fe3+2O4
· Grade: 64% +
· Form: Lumps of 10 to 90 mm
· ITC/HS Code: 26011119
· Incoterms: CIF

Magnetite, a magnetic iron ore, stands as a pivotal mineral renowned for its multifaceted applications. Celebrated for its inherent magnetic properties, magnetite is a cornerstone in various industries. Meticulously formed in diverse geological settings, including igneous rocks and hydrothermal deposits, magnetite serves as a versatile mineral.

Magnetite demonstrates remarkable versatility, forming in a wide range of geological settings, including igneous rocks and hydrothermal deposits. With innate magnetic properties, magnetite continues to play a crucial role in a wide spectrum of magnetic applications, contributing to various technological advancements around the world.

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Copper Cathode:
Premium Industrial Supplier of Copper

· Name: Copper
· Color: Reddish-brown
· Chemical Name: Copper
· Chemical Formula: 29Cu
· Grade: A7
· Form: Flat Plates / Sheets (Electrolytic refining)
· ITC/HS Code: 74031100
· Incoterms: CIF

Copper cathodes are essential components in various industries, valued for their unique properties. Renowned for its excellent electrical conductivity, copper cathode serves as a fundamental material in electrical applications. Mined and processed with precision, copper cathodes exhibit remarkable ductility, formability, and strength, making them integral in manufacturing processes.

Utilized in alkaline batteries as a cathode material, copper cathode plays a crucial role in energy storage. Its versatility extends to diverse industries, where its properties contribute to the efficiency and reliability of electrical systems. With a rich history in metallurgy, copper remains an indispensable material for modern applications.

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Dolomite Stone:
Premium Industrial Supplier of Dolomite Rock

· Name: Dolomite
· Color: White, pink, or gray
· Chemical Name: Calcium Magnesium Carbonate
· Chemical Formula: CaMg(CO3)2
· Grade: CaO Min. 30%, MgO Min. 20% 
· Form: Lumps of 10 to 90 mm
· ITC/HS Code: 25182000
· Incoterms: CIF

Dolomite, a versatile mineral, finds application in various industries. Used as a source of magnesium metal and magnesia (MgO), it contributes to the production of refractory bricks. Dolostone, the rock form of dolomite, serves as a valuable resource for magnesium and calcium metals in metallurgy. With a Mohs hardness of 3 1/2 to 4, dolomite exhibits unique physical characteristics, making it a versatile and valuable mineral in different applications.

With extraordinary attributes, mesmerizing white, pink or gray appearance, dolomite is a symbol of resilience and elegance. Extracted with high precision and processed for international exports, our dolomite stands as a foundation for industries pursuing superior durability and efficiency.

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Manganese Ore:
Premium Industrial Supplier of Manganese

· Name: Manganese
· Color: Silvery-gray
· Chemical Name: Manganese
· Chemical Formula: 25Mn
· Grade: Al2O3, SiO2+Al2O3, Fe, Phos
· Form: Lumps of 10 mm to 40 mm
· ITC/HS Code: 26020000
· Incoterms: CIF

Manganese, a versatile metal, offers a combination of properties that make it highly sought after in various applications. Recognized for its ductility, formability, and strength, high-manganese alloys find utility in industries requiring a balance of these essential characteristics. Manganese dioxide, a derivative of manganese, is a key component in dry-cell batteries, showcasing its significance in energy storage solutions.

With a slivery white appearance, manganese possesses inherent brittleness in its pure form but becomes a valuable resource when alloyed. Its availability and growing importance underscore its role in modern metallurgy, contributing to advancements in technology and manufacturing processes.

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