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Escorpion 10 Mining Group | Escorpion 10 SA de CV

A global leader in responsible mining, committed to sustainable practices and excellence in every aspect of our operations.


702 Belisario Domínguez, Lázaro Cárdenas 60950 Michoacán, MX


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A Leading Mexican Mining Company

We are a Premier Company in the Production & Commercialization of Minerals.

Escorpión 10 SA de CV
A Premier Mexican Mining Group

A global leader in responsible mining, committed to sustainable practices and excellence in every aspect of our operations.

Global Mining Industry Standards

Transparency, professionalism, and a commitment to quality.
Environmental Stewardship

We prioritize sustainable practices, balancing resource extraction with environmental preservation.

Quality in Business Certification

Guaranteeing compliance with international standards and specifications for excellent business practices.

International Trade Excellence

Logistics and export processes attuned to pristine delivery of products to international markets.

Our Services

Catering our services to International Standards

Our full commitment to product superiority, operational acuity, and adherence to industry standards allows Escorpión 10 Mining Group to engage in seamless international export activities.

Apart from the ongoing extraction efforts, our company holds extensive natural mineral reserves awaiting exploration. This strategic reserve enhances our capability to meet the growing demands of the international market.

Our strict industry standards facilitate trade with various countries worldwide, with a special focus on the discerning markets of Europe and Asia, which constitute our main clients.


Geological surveying, exploration, and extraction of minerals.

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Ensuring that the extracted minerals meet international standards and specifications.

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Transforming raw minerals into final products through crushing, milling, separation, and other refining techniques.

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Delivering products to international buyers across the Pacific or Atlantic Oceans in collaboration with reputable shipping and logistics companies.

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About Escorpión 10 Mining Group

Providing a service of excellence since 2006

Escorpión 10 Mining Group (Escorpión 10 S.A. de C.V.) stands as a distinguished entity within the mining industry, with its roots dating back to its establishment in 2006 and subsequent reconstitution in 2011 in Michoacán, México. Our company is dedicated to the construction, extraction, and international commercialization of mining projects in the region, contributing significantly to the economic landscape. 

Firmly rooted in a commitment to environmental stewardship, Escorpión 10 S.A. de C.V. meticulously adheres to stringent guidelines governing its mining activities. Boasting nearly two decades of exemplary operation, the company has consistently operated with excellence while upholding compliance with regulatory bodies in México.

how we work

Our business process is attuned for seamless mineral procurement


Exploration & Quality Assessment

Our process begins with thorough exploration and quality assessment, ensuring we identify and offer minerals that meet the highest international standards.


Transparent Negotiation & Pricing

Experience transparent negotiations and fair pricing. We prioritize open communication to establish mutually beneficial agreements tailored to your specific needs.


Logistics and Documentation

Our streamlined logistics and documentation processes ensure a hassle-free and efficient transfer of minerals to your destination, meeting all regulatory requirements.


Ongoing Support & Relationship Building

Our commitment doesn't end with a transaction. We provide ongoing support, building lasting relationships to meet your evolving mineral needs. Your satisfaction is our priority.

News & Updates

Read our latest news & industry updates

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Proudly serving the global mining industry since 2006


Authorized Commercial Agents

We operate through skilled international commercial agents who are experts in mineral trading. Their expertise ensures seamless and reliable transactions, aligning with global standards and enhancing the efficiency of our operations.

why choose us

Escorpion 10: Your Premier Mining Partner

Operating seamlessly through authorized mandates, international trade companies, diligent exporters, and logistics operators, our commercial partners boast a collective experience of over 85 years, ensuring a seasoned and trusted approach to every facet of our business.

Benefit from our unwavering commitment to operational excellence, ensuring superior-quality iron ore extraction and international trade that consistently surpasses industry standards.

Choose a partner dedicated to environmental stewardship; we prioritize sustainable mining practices that minimize our ecological impact, providing responsible solutions for the future.


Voices of Trust: Client Testimonials

"Working with Escorpión 10 SA de CV has been a game-changer for our business. Their dedication to efficiency, combined with the trust instilled in every transaction, has elevated our sourcing process. The quality of minerals and the professionalism of their team make them our go-to choice in the mining industry and we are proud to support them as their partners in their export requirements."

Andrés Chong Qui Legal Representative, Luna Santa SA de C - MexicoV

"We value our realtionship with Escorpión 10 SA de CV not only for their exceptional mineral offerings but also for their commitment to sustainable practices. Their strategic approach to balancing resource extraction with environmental preservation aligns seamlessly with our corporate values. Escorpión 10 Mining Group is trusted ally in the journey towards sustainable solutions."

S. Uusmaa Communications, BRC - UK

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We are here to assist you every step of the way.


Contact Information and Inquiry Center

For sales inquiries or partnership proposals, reach out to our dedicated team, and we will respond promptly to address your concerns or explore potential collaborations.


702 Belisario Domínguez, Lázaro Cárdenas 60950 Michoacán, MX